Uzbek Lakai Silk Handmade embroidered Chemise Dress A11283


 Chemise, tunic or dress , origin Boysun, South of Uzbekistan CIRCA 1960's in natural cotton fabric decorated with hand-embroidery and silk tassels. Condition excellent .length-40 in, chest-53 in, From the end of one sleeve up to another-63 in. length-101.5 cm, chest-134.5 cm, From the end of one sleeve up to another-160 cm. The ethnic structure in Boysun is various. The most numerous and ancient tribe is the Lakai, a clan coming from Dasht-i-Kipchak, whose clothing, especially female, much differed from clothing of inhabitants of the other regions.  Decorated with silk handmade embroidery & silk tassels.

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