Handmade Uzbek embroidered samarkand Suzani Bolinpush


Suzanis - wonderful handmade embroideries on several panels connected together - are becoming more popular and more popular all over the world. And there are many reasons for that. Suzanis have great historical depth and meaning. Suzanis remain an integral part of the region’s cultural identity band a source of national pride. Their mysterious patterns, classic beauty excite your imagination and introduce you the inspirational world of applied arts. W

This is Uzbek handmade embroidery - "Bolinpush" from Samarkand , Uzbekistan . The age of the item is the middle of the 20th century. “Bolinpush” was used as a cover for Uzbek bride on a wedding ceremony. The foundation and embroidery itself are made of pure cotton. The pattern of “Bolinpush” has unusual Samarkand design where the large central roundel (stylized Sun), extremely bold & dramatic, surrounded abstract geometrical and floral motifs. This Samarkand "Bolinpush" is a genuine sample of Uzbek handmade embroideries. It is an amazing item for decoration of your interior in Uzbek style. Size: 59 x 64 in/150 x 162.5 cm. Condition: very good. Thanks for looking! Worldwide shipping cost includes fees charged by Ministry of Culture for shipping abroad national items.

Shipping time from Uzbekistan 1-5 weeks to any country.

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