Floor Grass cushion with leather top

This comfortable cushion is made out of Banana leaves with a steel frame inside and a soft leather top. The smooth and round design without sharp edges makes the cushion the perfect accessory for every home.

Inside the cushion is hollow, with a stable steel construction. Together with the use of the natural plant in the exterior, this design ensures almost 100 % air permeability. This makes it the perfect seat on hot summer days.

The cushion maintained its natural color, as well as texture and fragrance of the plant. The simple and classic design fits to every décor and can be used in each room of the house - either as seat or as footstool.

Product Sizes:
Diameter 40 cm, Height 20 cm (for children)
Diameter 50 cm, Height 20 cm (for adults)
Diameter 60 cm, Height 20 cm (for adults)

For these who uses Inches for measuremeants:

Diameter 15.8", Height 8" (for children)
Diameter 19.6", Height 8" (for adults)
Diameter 24", Height 8" (for adults)

We recommend wiping with a damp cloth for cleaning; do not place it near a radiator or other sources of heat.

Since every product is hand-made upon order, please allow 2-7 business days for us to make the product after the payment and get it ready for shipment. We have a variety of rugs, cushions, tables, chairs and more weaved and plaited from cattails, cornhusk and reeds. Discover other products here: .

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