Hand woven ure Silk Ikat shawl, scarf Uzbekistan

SKU B0793N1VG8
Hand woven fabric, made in the ancient way on primitive looms. The pattern is not printed; instead, threads of base are dyed separately in sections according to complex calculations. Uzbek fabric IKAT is famous worldwide because of its special structure and color. The fabrics made of natural silk and cotton. Technology of producing is ancient and stills the same at present days. Process of creation is very complex and fully handmade, consists of some stages. For example, each thread of base colors separately. And it repeats depends of its color. There are some kinds of ikat fabrics varied by weaving and structure. This is the fine organic silk scarf from Margilan, Uzbekistan. . SHOHI (means king’s) is the most thin fabric, consists of silk 100%, linen interlacing, bilateral. It is smooth and cool to the touch. It gleams and glistens like water. Size: 15 x 63 in/38 x 160 cm. Condition: excellent.

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