Cast Iron Teapot Set

  • Selected from RAW IRON, undergone 1500 ℃ high temperature melting, casting,and burning above 5 hours, Isino cast iron teapot is hard and wear-resisting ,life lasting for at least 10 years .Iron teapot was recognized to be a best kitchenware to boil water due to its SWEET and SOFT water flavour and Fe2+ release, which supplement human’s Iron needed and prevent anemia.In additions, Cast iron tea set is suitable for cooking various teas such as fruit tea, black tea, Pu'er tea.
  • ENAMELS sprayed on the INNER WALL of the cast iron teapot set, no rusty, neat and easy to clean; EXTERIOR PLANT PAINTING spraying, anti-rust and anti-oxidation, improve the Chinese tea pots service life; STRONG, UNIFORM THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY and great THERMAL INSULATION performance increased the water TEMPERATURE to high boiling point quickly; Φ74mm- Φ158mm large FLAT BOTTOM & ARC AROUND suitable for a variety of stoves such as gas, electric and induction cook top.
  • As a traditional HANDCRAFT, unique teapot cast iron has a history of hundreds of years. Retro style design, a variety of FISH SCALE PATTERNS ,characteristics of rich, represents HAPPINESS ,LUCKY and prosperous . Also displayed the history of the Chinese nation art form, with great value in health, viewing and collection. In addition, the more times tea infuser usage, the more obvious metal texture will be, also with a special value of appreciation.
  • The teapot Japanese style set handle adopts TRADITIONAL HEMP ROPE, is retro, ANTI-HOT and grip comfortable ; The tea kettle cover and the pot body are perfectly combined, avoid overflow ; Built-in STAINLESS STEEL FILTER, facilitate tea separation, easy to move and clean, convenient for boiling water and tea making; LARGE and SMOOTH SPOUT helps GAS EXHAUST, water flow smoothly and powerful. Matching TRIVET with rubber cover PROTECTS the desktop from SCALD and SLIP.
  • Teapot set Package includes: Iron Teapots with infuser x 1(800ml);Cast Iron Trivet x 1; Cast Iron Tea Cup x 4 (70ml);I
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