Japanese-style Floor chair

This legless chair is composed of a strong whole-piece hard wood board and straw weaving at the surface. It can be used in Japanese style tatami room, on the bay window or tea room. It provide good support for your back while seating for a long time.

L 46cm, W 38cm, H 41cm.
Straw Material options:
Banana leaf- brown (pic 1)
Cattail - beige (pic 2)
Cattail braid- beige (pic 3)

Since every product is hand-made upon order, please allow 2-7 business days for us to make the product after the payment and get it ready for shipment. We have a variety of rugs, cushions, tables, chairs and more weaved and plaited from cattails, cornhusk and reeds. Discover other products here:


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