SALE!!! Uzbek Vintage Handwoven Silk Ikat Robe CHAPAN Caftan Kaftan


This item is old Uzbek pure organic cotton robe Bekasam Chapan from Samarkand, Uzbekistan .It is made of bekasam fabric originated in Margilon. From very old time “chapan” robes are main part of Uzbek peoples dress. It is especially designed for man and women of any age. It is very warm comfortable and cozy to wear. Age of an item second half of twenties century.

The item impress by its wonderful bright colors and skilled handwork. Add this fantastic Uzbek handmade workmanship to your textile collection. It will brighten up any room to create unusual Asian atmosphere.


from top to bottom: 105 cm/41,3 inch.

waist circumference: 110 cm/43,3 inch

Lenght sleeve: 45 cm/18 inch

Shoipping time
10-20 days.

Handling time 1 - 3 days except holidays and weekends.

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