Uzbek silk hand embroidery abstract suzani tokchapush samarkand


In Samarkand embroideries by tradition are depicted big and equally located rosettes that are surrounded by heavy wreath of leaves. Within time they became thick and the color gamma reduced to two-three colors, but original wreath of leaves turned into spiral view curls of watermelons sprouts. This is a vintage Uzbek Tokchapush from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The age of the item is 1950's. Tokchapush was used as a cover for a niche in a wall. It is fully hand-embroidered with natural silk threads. The foundation of embroidery is natural silk, lined with natural cotton. The pattern of Tokchapush has very bold and abstract Samarkand design. The pattern of the embroidery is composed of the rows of geometrical and stylized floral elements. Stitch: couching. Size : 36 x 37 in/91,5 x 94 cm. Condition : very good.

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