Walnut Kyoto Dining Table

    • Dimensions: 106" W x 45" D x 30" H
    • Weight: 378.9 lbs
    • Materials: Composite Wood, Natural Wood Veneer
    • The walnut veneer provides a classic lustre across this expansive tabletop
    • Finished edges on an ultrathin top for a look that's almost impossibly elegant
    • Mitre-folded joints provide a clean look and speak to this table's craftsmanship
    • Some Assembly Required; Approx 30 mins

A U-shaped base built of the same ultrathin wood frame as the tabletop gives the Kyoyo Dining Table a solid look that matches its feel, despite its ultra-slender profile. Mitre-folded construction retains a clean and finished look through every joint and edge, with the linear design recalling the Japanese-influenced designs of Brazilian art deco. Seats 10 guests comfortably. Also available in steel and gray.

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